You’ve Been Rickrolled!

Rick Rolled - Jose Roberto Rincon
Rick Rolled

The internet is quite the nifty gadgets, able to provide all your needs, even the useless one that does nothing more than angering your friends. Back in 2007 a way to make your friends angry at you was born, and we owe it all to a British singer named Rick Astley and the magic of the all mighty video browser Youtube.

The setting has to be ideal, you and your friends need to be having this important discussion online, something life changing and meaningfull. and this is when you drop the Rick Roll bomb.

You share a link that is supposed to be about the topic you were discussing in other to have the other person involved really interesting and eager to check on the little piece of information you have provided, this is when it all goes to hell. Your friend will think he is heading into something meaningfull, just to have it taken away by the infamous Rick Astley and his signature song “Never Gonna Give You” up from his 1987 album Whenever You Need Somebody.

This notorious bait and switch method was highly popular, and his origin resides in 4chan, being used on gaming forum and falsely advertised as the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 4. Easy to figure that some people were angry and that is when the practice became mainstream.

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