What Makes the Content of an Article Viral?

Why some contents go viral? Great men and women of history have tried to answer this huge and oldest question. Today we will present to you four possible answers.

Do you know something about BuzzSumo? They are a company dedicated to analyze what is successful and what is not on social networks, based on measuring almost everything that is written on the Internet: what items triumph in a particular topic and what influencers are the most recommended for a specific topic. They recently published a study dedicated to answer why the content of an article is viral by analyzing more than 100 million items. And they gave us the chance to answer the big question:  why does my content is not viral and that other from the competitor that has no idea of it does have success? Science gives us the answer.

  1. Long live to the long content!

José Roberto Rincón - Social Networks
Social Networks

The High-BuzzSumo scientists have concluded that the longer content has a greater success than the short, despite the mobile navigation, even though our attention is diminishing. Maybe this is because there are 16 times more articles under 1,000 words produced than more than 2,000 words and as you probably know, the differentiation is the first step to success. However, it is important to know that this issue may have much to be related to in depth articles that make Google prioritizes long to short information on some topics.

Even so, and even if your posts have not to be unnecessarily long, it would be great if you try to write your articles as deep as possible. By doing so, you will bring more value to the topic, you will attract more long tail traffic and, what is best: science says your article will be shared more.

This information does not mean you have to stop making posts of memes of 100 words. Variety is the spice and the key, and not always it is worth writing long articles: sometimes the time required does not compensate the benefit obtained.

  1. Always using images

The images in the posts make the items to be more shared; this is a shattering tip!

Even if it is quite obvious, it is always good to have empirical confirmation of all the time you spent looking for the perfect picture or image to add to your article, at least the effort has served to make the content more attractive to be viral. In fact, articles with images are shared about twice than those without image. Remember that the image you choose should be the image of the post you want to emphasize.

Original Content
Original Content

3. Keep Social Media in mind

The Social Media is the main reason that your content goes viral. It is what can make your content go through a little cold to the plague (just keeping the viral metaphor). But, now, try to answer the question: is your content optimized for social networks?

  1. Add some feeling

It is always well known that you have to add some love to the contents of your posts, but not only love; they could also have a huge charge of irrational and uncontrollable hate. What is important is that you put some feeling to your post and it will transmit something.

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