Watch Ariana Grande’s New Video: Love Me Harder

The tiny pop star Ariana Grande released a new video called ‘Love Me Harder’. We consider that this is the most serious video that the former Disney Channel star has released. In this video, we watch Ariana doing sexy poses for the camera and playing with it while signing. The pop star is dressed with a leather skirt and has cat ears in her head. In addition, in the video, the Canadian recording artist and record producer The Weekend features.

In previous statements, Ariana Grande said that she was trying to separate from her former Disney character and she definitely has accomplished her goal. In this video, we can watch that Ariana Grande is more adult. As matter of fact, we can say that she is following the steps of some former Disney stars, such as:

  • Britney Spears,
  • Christina Aguilera,
  • and even Justin Timberlake.
My Everything Jose Roberto Rincon
Ariana Grande

In ‘Love Me Harder’, Ariana appears in a room filled with sand doing seductive poses. In addition, Grande has long and flawless hair. However, although in the video we can watch Grande’s most seductive side, she adds innocence to her sensuality with the cat ears.

The song ‘Love Me Harder’ is about the difficulty of facing the wants and needs of a relationship. Ariana and The Weekend impersonate a couple that is facing several issues that keep each other apart. As a matter of fact, in the video, we watch how Ariana Grande and The Weekend, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, fight with wind, water, and earth, which symbolizes the issues that people have to face when they are in love.

The song ‘Love Me Harder’ is from the Ariana Grande’s second album called My Everything, released in August. The video has been watched by more than 3,500,000 people. Some of other popular songs of the tiny pop singer are:

  • Break Free
  • Problem
  • Right There
  • The Way
  • Put Your Hearts Up
  • Baby I
  • Honeymoon Avenue
  • Popular Song
  • Almost Is Never Enough
  • Die In Your Arms

The Annoying Diva

Performance Jose Roberto Rincon
Ariana Grande

According to several sources, apparently the pop star Ariana Grande is an annoying diva. Many rumors have been spread regarding her awful attitude and annoying personality. As a matter of fact, apparently most of her team, that is to say, hairdressers, assistants, and more, has complained about the diva’s attitude. Many people say that she is a nightmare and one of the hardest people to work in the Hollywood industry. Other stars that are considered terrible to work with are:

  • Selena Gómez
  • Justin Bieber
  • Katy Perry

However, it is hard to have a lot of success when you have an awful personality and yell everyone. Apparently, Ariana’s behavior has consequences, such as decreasing her success and losing fans. We hope that Ariana changes and becomes a kind superstar. This girl is very talented and has a great voice. However, without having a good attitude, all the talent in the world is useless. For that reason, celebrities have to be nicer and behave well with both their team and fans.

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