Viral Videos of September’s Last Week (2014)

From quitting in live television to discover that the iPhone 6 has a special feature, viral videos of September’s last week include amazing discoveries as well as funny discussions. So, are you tired, bored or sad? These viral videos are going to make your day, even when you are having a terrible one. Prepare laugh out loud and to be amazed with some iPhone innovations. This is the top 4 viral videos that you must watch:

Reporter Quits on Air

Being a TV reporter is certainly not an easy job, but reporter Charlo Greene will be remembered, not for her great job, but for the way she quitted. Charlo was making a report on the pro-legalization Alaska Cannabis Club, and she stated that she was the head of the pro-legalization club, but those were not the shocking news. In the middle of the presentation, Charlo Greene quitted to the news in a very offensive way, saying a rude word and quitting. Greene was a reporter for KTVA TV in Anchorage, Alaska. The channel KTVA published a statement stating that Greene had been fired before quitting on air.

Fans Made a Fake True Detective Trailer

The HBO TV show True Detective has announced that its main actors will be Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn. For that reason, fans of the TV show made a fake trailer of the upcoming season (season 2) of True Detective. The fake trailer contains a bunch of parts of Farrell and Vaughn’s previous movies such as S.W.A.T and Miami Vice. According to the fans, this is great sneak peek in order to entertain all the fans that are anxiously waiting the 5 Primetime Emmy winner show.

An Adorable Discussion

The cutest children ever had a discussion about the weather and you are here to watch it! A boy and a girl argued whether it was sprinkling or raining. The boy did not stop saying that it was sprinkling while the girl was constantly stating that it was raining. Apparently, both sources of information about the weather conditions came from their mommies, the boy and the girl’s. At the end of the discussion, the girl sticks her finger in the boy’s chest and his reaction was saying the most adorable four words: ‘You poked my heart!’

iPhone 6 Not as Great as We Thought

Lots of rumors about the iPhone 6 have been spread since its launch. One of the most important rumors is that the iPhone 6 can bend over in  user’s pockets. For that reason, a bunch of videos have been made in order to confirm or deny this rumor. The discovery was that, in fact, the iPhone 6 can bend if you apply enough pressure. However, do not worry about that, if you bought an iPhone 6 recently and noticed that it can bend, buy a case and avoid putting it in your pocket.

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