The Power Ranger Remake You Never Knew You Wanted

Power Rangers - Jose Roberto Rincon
Power Rangers

You know you were a 90’s kid when your favourite show was Power Rangers. A show about a group of teens who were given super powers in order to fight against an alien invasion. It was a kid show so it was basically light hearted, no mature content to be seen, which made it very successful among children. But what if someone took that beloved kid show and gave it a makeover, a dark and gritty makeover? It would be pretty freaking awesome, that’s what!

In this short film, the future of the original Power Rangers is bleak and not very promising. Long years have passed since they were a team and went their separate ways and now someone is trying to hunt down the remaining Rangers that still live. It shows the Ranger’s fall from grace, some more than others.

One of the last remaining Ranger is still alive and at large, and it is being hunted. Why? How? You should see it to find out how this dark, short story about your beloved childhood heroes end.

Despite the original’s show bad acting and special effects it was largely popular, wonder if this take on the story would pay out if it were to be more than a short film, we can only hope.

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