The Day the Internet Really Broke: Thanks to Psy According to Jose Roberto Rincon

Psy - Jose Roberto Rincon

Hey, sexy Youtube count!

Yes, that’s right. Kim Kardashian tried, but didn’t really accomplish it. You’ve gotta give it to the one and only: Psy, because his Gangman Style hit video just passed the 2 billion view-count on YouTube. Therefore, he is now the title-holder of really breaking the Internet -or at least the YouTube portion of it-.

So besides Kim K’s butt bearing magazine cover, Renée Zellweger’s dramatic makeover, the iPhone 6 launch, the celebrity nude photo leak or the Ice Bucket Challenge, there’s now a new record to include in the Top 10 Things That Broke the Internet this year. Except for this time Psy literally broke the Internet. 

Long story short, what happened was that the view counter went past an average computer programming protocol after going over the 2 billion views. Here’s what YouTube had to say about it:

YouTube's statement - Jose Roberto Rincon
YouTube’s statement

That was the brief statement that the company issued on Monday to explain why the counter “got broken” and momentarily stopped counting after 2,147,483,647 views. But right now, as you sweep your mouse through the count number, it goes up and down like crazy, to signify that a record was made. The count was restored and stands, by the moment this post was written, at 2,156,711,334 views.

When the video reaches 1 billion views back in 2012, a much more modest Psy said: “I can’t compare it to anything else! (…) Because it all began with YouTube, and to have the video reached 1 billion views … I don’t think even I can break that record!”

Two years after the video featuring the South Korean singer dancing with girls in weird locations was released you would think people had gotten over it. Well, you better think twice, because people still watch it. For this matter, we must clarify that YouTube’s view counter only adds a number for each IP address, meaning that if one person has watched a video 30 times from the same device, it will only count as one on a 6 to 8 hour period.

YouTube has previously explained why they have certain restrictions on the whole view issue:  “We’ve implemented this type of technology and view count analysis in order to prevent abuse of the system. Video views are at the heart of the YouTube community and we want to ensure that we’re counting only valid views (and not artificial attempts to game the system). Ultimately, consistent view counts benefit everyone in the community, from the viewers to the uploaders.”

According to the company’s statistics, more than 1 billion user visit the site each month and 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. Eighty percent of this amount of traffic comes from the US. Nielsen has said that YouTube reaches more people in the 18-34 target age group than any cable company in the United States.

Gangnam Style has now become the most viewed YouTube video followed by the song Baby by Justin Bieber, which has less than half views (1,117,832,710). In a world with over 7 billion human beings, 2 billion of them have seen this video. That’s about 28,57% of the entire Earth, which is a lot. Congrats Psy, for being the ultimate Internet breaker.

Psy - Jose Roberto Rincon


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