The Cutest Baby Viral Videos Ever! By Jose Roberto Rincon

When we think about babies, the first word that comes to our minds is cute and that this is what this article is about. Have fun watching these incredible baby viral videos. You will be absolutely amazed with babies till the point of wanting a baby. Hopefully, some day you can add a cute baby viral video to Youtube’s feed too.

Performing Like a Pro

Do not miss this viral video about two Korean babies performing a KPop song. The baby girl knows the choreography to perfection while his little partner is shy and seems that does not want to dance. However, she teaches him how to move, and finally both dance for the person behind the camera, we guess is the proud mom.

Laugh out loud watching the Korean babies moves while you learn how to do this choreography. Trust us: it is very funny and not difficult at all. In addition, you can teach your kids how to move with this catchy song and upload your own viral video.

The Korean babies’ video was published on May 27th of this current year and has had more than 13,500,000 viewers in about five months.

Fun Is Closer than We Thought

Babies behavior is absolutely amazing, they do things we cannot imagine. For that reason, parents decided to record a video with their baby’s reaction on a swing. We all love swings, as a matter of fact if we were not adults, we would probably be on a swing right now.

The baby’s reaction is awesome, his happiness is indescribable. He is smiling all the time and he drools because of excitement.

We felt very nostalgic when we watched the video. We wanted to have a swing near us now. This baby reminds us of simpler times, where fun was just around the corner, playing with friends or just on a swing.

This video has had thousands of viewers and was published on May the 14th of this current year. Have fun watching it.

Exercising With Dad

There is no better way to work out than working out with babies. As a matter of fact, this awesome dad proves us that we can have fun while exercising with our babies. Dad is flexing muscles and baby is doing an impression of dad. The video is funny because the baby screams while he is flexing muscles, making his dad laugh.

In addition, we think this is an excellent way to teach the baby how to work out while having a lot of fun. This proud dad proves us than babies can be funny and very smart too.

This video was published on September 9th of this current year and it has had more than 5,000,000 viewers in just one month and half.

If you are looking for cute viral videos about babies, here are the cutest baby viral videos. We hoped that you enjoy these videos as much as we do. Babies prove us that they can be funny, smart, and lovable at the same time.

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