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Viral Videos - Jose Roberto Rincon
Viral Videos

 Viral videos themselves can be quite the mystery. No one can say for sure what will make a video go viral, just because a video is funny or shocking, it does not mean it will achieve viral status. Predicting this outcome is rather tricky, and many factors intervene. Some videos are destined to be great and rank in the views and achieve viral status, while some will just fall into oblivion, never seeing the light of day again, or at least break the milion views barrier. Lucky for you we have searched high and low for those viral gems and fashioned a small list to keep you entertained. Without further adue, let’s bring on the videos that were deemed “viral worthy”:

  • Eleven year old kid rocking some mad moves: so you feel pretty good about yourself when you go to a club and manage to dance with few mistakes? Get ready to feel small: Taylor Hatala is an eleven year old kid that puts to shame any older person with her dance moves. Little Taylor rocks the Anaconca song by Nicki Minaj with some sick moves. Hope this young girl keeps on getting better and achieving higher praise.

  • Devi baby on the loose: nothing like a good ol’ public prank to get a good chuckle and feel paranoid when walking down the street. What do you get when you combine a remote controled stroller, a doll of a baby that could pretty much be Satan’s spawn, and concerned citizens? A warning that crying babies are never a good thing. The people behind this would place the stroller near some people and trigger crying baby sounds, which would then send people looking into the stroller just to be greeted by a screaming Satan’s spawn. Just good clean fun, maybe not so clean in their pants.

  • One minute sermon: I’ve never felt so closer to God than after hearing him. Pastor Tim seems to be in a hurry to watch the kickoff of the NFL season, so he does not have the time to perform the sermon in the way perhaps God intended. Pastor Tim just gives the people present the “short version” of the popular church speech by basically forgiving all of them for their sins and inviting them for a bite or two of bread and a sip of wine. Good ol’ religious fun.

  • Sea puppy otter madness: just look at the little wet furry thing. We can all relate to the love we feel for puppies, but this is another level of cuteness, cuteness overload if you will, here we can see a puppy sea otter being fed and just simply enjoying its puppy fun in a pool and just being an adorable cuteness. What is better than a puppy sea otter playing in a pool? Watching the same otter getting all dry. Who do I have to call to get this otter dryer gig?

Stay tuned for more viral videos! there are way more out there!

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