Polemic Music Videos and their Apology Attempts

Nazi ressemblance with 'Only' video - Jose Roberto Rincon
Nazi ressemblance with ‘Only’ video

Let’s just face it: we all like a big controversy every now and then. Whether we are fans of this artists or not, it is always tempting to express opinions and pass judgments on famous people when they mess up. Britney chopping all of her hair, Miley acting weird on the 2013 VMA’s, Janet Jackson flashing a boob, Amanda Bynes with her crazy her and even more crazy drug abuse… making a human mistake when you are an artist magnifies everything 100 times more.

Recently, the singer Nicki Minaj released her lyric video “Only”, featuring:

  • Lil’ Wayne
  • Drake
  • Chris Brown.

In it you can clearly see imagery that reminisces the Nazi party and Hitler‘s characteristic symbols, such as the swastika, which is resembled by the initials “YM”, from Minaj’s record label, Young Money.

Nicki Minaj - Jose Roberto Rincon
Nicki Minaj

In the video, Nicki is depicted sort of like a supreme queen, standing in front of large armies with red bands on their upper left arms, just like the ones the Nazi army used. On top of that, bombs, war guns and constant red flags – the video is all black, with and red-.

Oh, and don’t forget the image of Drake as the pope and the word “chamber” placed just right next to a gas mask…

Aside from the disturbing resemblances, in the lyrics of ‘Only’ Nicki denies accusations of having sex with her fellow singer, Drake. Later in the song, Drake does the same. So, this whole set-up makes it seem like Nicki Minaj actually condones Nazism. Obviously, a viral storm of messages dissing the video and the singer herself didn’t take long to come.

But the most surprising thing is when Nicki tries to apologize on Twitter, saying that she “takes full responsibility” and “would never condone Nazism”. Before that, she claims that she was not in charge of the video concept and that both the producer and videographer are Jewish. Kinda hard to believe, but that’s that. Probably very few people can be as cynical to make it look like they completely ignore Nazism history.

Literally, I CAN’T

Amid a very heated debate in the US about raping and sexual assault attempts on campus, the LMFAO rapper Redfoo stars in an incredibly sexist and stereotipical video that shows sorority girls being pressured to drink, do drugs or lesbian acts. That in itself wouldn’t be such a huge -or new- issue, but the scenes are accompanied with lyrics like “you got a big o’l butt, I can tell from the way you’re walking, but you annoy me, because you’re talking” and “shhh… don’t talk about it be about it: work it, and twerk it, and maybe I’ll tweet about it.”

Unlike Nicki, Redfoo never actually apologized, but took to Twitter to defend the video and “clarify” what he called a few facts about the video:

Fact #1: The word “slut” never appears in the lyrics of #LiterallyICant. @amynelmes @TheFIXninemsn #GetYourFactsStraight #NoGreyArea

Fact #2: I love & respect women and feel they are the most powerful people on this planet! #LiterallyICant

Fact #3: @PlaynSkillz @LilJon @EnertiaMcFly & I made a comical party song to satirize the cliche #LiterallyICant. Some get it, some don’t.

After the controversy, they decided to include a disclaimer at the beginning of the video, that reads:

Literally I Can't - Jose Roberto Rincon
Literally I Can’t







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