Nicki Minaj in Love with the Wrong Guy? According to Jose Roberto Rincon

In her new music videoNo Love’, Nicki Minaj is facing a difficult relationship because she is in love with a guy (August Alsina) who cannot love her back. In the video, Minaj does not use colorful wigs or exaggerated outfits; she is just a simple girl in love with the wrong guy. August Alsina impersonates the guy, who constantly sings that although he wants to be with Minaj, he cannot settle down.

In the music video ‘No Love’, we watch both Minaj and Alsina acting like a couple, taking photos, kissing each other, touching each other. However, Alsina still receives calls from a girl and, in addition, we watch Alsina partying with friends and hooking up with the girl while Minaj calls him and texts him.

Almost at the end of the video, Nicki Minaj sings that she really hates when he leaves her alone and when he says to his friends that Minaj and he are only friends when they are really not. Although Minaj says that she knows the personality of August, he has to settle down because she is in love with him.

Music Video Jose Roberto Rincon
No Love

At the end of the video, the other girls calls August, but he does not answer and, then, he watches the photos that he has taken with Minaj.

This is definitely a hard music video because we watch how Minaj suffers due to August’s infidelity. We recommend Nicki to look for other hotter and better guy because we think that this one is not going to change.

Alsina’s Singing Career

August Alsina and Nicki Minaj Jose Roberto Rincon
No Love

August Alsina has been singer for a while. However, Alsina has not had a lot success, until his first album Testimony debuted at the number two on the Billboard 200 chart. Since Testimony was released, August has become the new trending singer, and even started his first tour in August. However, the new singer has had troubles to deal with the pressure of becoming an emerging star. As a matter of fact, Alsina passed out during a concert in New York and suffered multiple seizures, causing him to be in a coma for three days.

According to the new singer, he passed out because he was acting as a workaholic, he did a lot of performances in just one day, and he was not eating healthy as well as depriving of sleep. Alsina said that he was so focus on achieving what he has dreamt for years that he forgot about his body and health. However, Alsina stated that he has learned the lesson and now he knows that being healthy is more important than everything else.

Rumors about Dating Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Jose Roberto Rincon
No Love

Since the release of the video ‘No Love’, the media has spread the rumor that Nicki Minaj and August Alsina have a relationship. These rumors increased when Minaj visited to the hospital when he was in coma. However, although Alsina has stated that Minaj is one of the sweetest girls that he knows, he does not have a relationship with the singer of ‘Anaconda’.



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