Magic Words and Expressions to Create Viral Titles in Your Posts

Titles are 80% of the success of a post. The content matters, but if you do not use an attracting title, your post will not receive the attention it deserves. There are words and expressions that may give better results than others.

Factors that influence the virality of a post

José Roberto Rincón - Viral Tweets
Viral Tweets

The title is important to provoke the first “click” and generate traffic to your blog. At that point, you have to achieve the expectations and not to disappoint. The virality is not generated solely through the headlines, they are only the first push for visitors arrive after the publication of a post in your blog. The following factors are essential for high coverage in your post:

  • Number of followers: size does matter in social networks. A good title accompanied by a high number of followers or contacts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn facilitates the generation of traffic to your blog.
  • Quality and originality of content: you have to be able to provide curious and interesting ideas. It is too bad to use a title that attracts, but post a text which content is tedious or boring.
  • Good timing: take advantage of the relaxing moments of your followers. For example, try to tweet at 11 pm when people have already eaten. People will enjoy your tweets while watching television. It is the moment when you will probably have more clicks on your tweets.

Finding the perfect composition of words and expressions

Believe it or not, the creation of titles gives chance to make a complete series of posts. Here we present to you a list of 19 words and expressions that work better than others. This is the selection:

  1. Creating/improving/getting…
  1. “The difference between A and B”
  1. Virality on posts
    Virality on posts


  1. “Beginners’ Guide”
  1. “For dummies”
  1. “What you should know (before)…”
  1. “Why…”
  1. “What A can learn from B”
  1. “Everything you ever wanted to know about…”
  1. Surprise
  1. Interview
  1. Basic
  1. Trivia
  1. Ingredients
  1. “No cost”
  1. Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/options…
  1. “Alternatives to…”
  1. Tricks
  1. “The Art of…”

Basic advices to design viral titles

José Roberto Rincón - Make your post viral
Make your post viral

There is no guarantee of success by using the previous expressions showed. It is important to keep trying different combinations to see what works best. It is not an exact science and it is necessary to develop the ability to design the perfect title based on intuition and experience.

  • Trial, error and correction: although you publish a post with a title, you can change it if you realize that it is not generating the interest you expected. If you have a critical mass of followers on Twitter (>2,000 fans) you get a very fast feedback. With less followers you just simply have to prove in longer term to obtain a valid feedback.
  • Twitter as a test: it is a good idea to do small preliminary tests by announcing a title in a tweet like, for example: “Writing (title of the post)”. If you do not receive favorites or retweets, then change the title when you decide to post it.
  • Short titles are better than long titles: as said before, it is not an exact science, so long titles can also work. Taking the average, short titles have more retweets. Try not to go 100 characters, so people can add comments.

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