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Viral Videos - Jose Roberto Rincon
Viral Videos

Youtube has been around for 10 years now, don’t you feel old? You should. Recently, Youtube had its tenth birthday, and what better way to celebrate it than to commemorate its legacy by bringing you some of the viral videos from its long life. From over the top ridiculous videos, to just regular ridiculous videos. Youtube has become a big part of everyone’s life.

We can all relate to the little joy we feel each time we show our friends Youtube videos to see the look on their face and their reactions. Without further adue, let’s take a little journey in time and look at some of Youtube’s finest:

  •  Scary Mary Poppins: Mary Poppins was a shady character. I don’t buy into the whole magic nanny with a magic purse, but to each their own. Apparentely, however, someone thought just like me and decided to make a trailer for a creepy Mary Poppins movie. The modified trailer was rather well done, and really nailed the whole creepiness around Mary Poppins. This is a Mary Poppins I can believe in. The other was nice… too nice.

  •  Teenage Dream: who would have known that lip singing could provide such healthy feedback. Keenan Cahill is  15 year old boy who really nailed his Katy Perry impression. The youngster did so well that Katty Perry herself tracked him down to do a video. Take notes boy, lip singing songs from female singers will bring you great fortune.

  • Susan Boyle: oh boy was this great. Everyone thought that this plain looking woman was gonna be another bad singer thinking she could get a laugh or two at Britain’s Got Talent. They were wrong. These woman turned out to be one of the greatest singers of our time and perhaps of all time. Susan Boyle taught us, once again, to never judge a book for its cover. We wish all sorts of good things for this talented woman.

  • Dramatic Chipmunk: This lovely creature single handedly became one of the biggest memes of its time. This lovely chipmunk gave the biggest perfomance of his life. Nicolas Cage could learn one or two things from this lovely creature. They should totally meet up, two of the most popular memes in history.

  • Talking Twins: These two twins seems to be solving their differences through some very interesting baby talk: We all can agree that two babies talking is damn amusing and cute. Videos of babies are almost at the same level as cat videos, but the cats still take the lead, obviously.

  • The Keyboard Cat: and here we have an example on how cats rule the viral video game. It is almost guaranteed that any cat doing any thing will mostly lead to millions of views. So if you ever find yourself bored and feel like breaking the internet a little then we encourage you to tape your cat doing whatever cats do. Look at Grumpy Cat, it became more successul than we ever will be.

These are just a sample of the viral videos that lie out there!

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