Top Viral Videos From 2014

Last year, 2014, was home to many great moments in history and some not very good moments in history, but wether we like it or not, they are part of history known. Lucky for us, or maybe you since you never heard of anything of these world changing events, most of these events were caught on camera so many can see them over and over again. From the great moments that inspire thousands, to the not so great moments that managed to have us rolling over the floor laughing, there is something for everybody out there. Let’s see what are the most viral videos of 2014:

  • Sia, Chandelier: we begin the list with one of the best musical videos of one of the best songs from 2014. Australian singer and songwriter, Sia, dropped the single to her latest album, 1000 Forms of Fear, to great success, and later on the music video dropped, and it was good, like, unbelieveable good. This music video was one of the first music videos to reach viral status in the year. It features Maddie Ziegler, a gifted twelve year old dancer and the star dancing along Sia’s powerful lyrics and mesmerizing catchy tunes. It currently has more than 600 million views.

  •  First Kiss: this video was posted on Youtube on March, 2014. In the video 20 strangers we asked to kiss each other for the first time, they never met before. There was something endearing and personal about watching 20 strangers behave akwardly before going for the kiss. Some just went for it right away while some had to engage in akward conversation in order to make the kissing happen. It is a rather interesting video. It currently sits at just above 100 million views.

  • Devil Baby Attack: this is something you did not know you wanted until now. A group of clever people decided to prank some poor pedestrians by using a remote controlled stroller with a nasty baby doll inside with some devilish makeup. The stroller would be left near people and making crying baby noises, so people would approach it. Once these poor people got close enough the devil baby doll would appeared all of a sudden and make them regret they ever care about the baby. It has 50 million views.

  • Shangai Tower (650 meters): some crazy thrill seeking Russians woke up one morning, booked a flight to Shangai and decided to climb the second highest tower in the world with their bare hands for the most part. Just watching this video gives me vertigo. These guys are insane! The video sits at just over 40 million views.
  • 10 Hours of Waking in NYC As a Woman: time to end the list with some social awareness. A brave woman, and you gotta be brave for doing these, decided to tape herself as she walked the streets of New York with a regular attire. The results were just disgusting. Men keep being creepy everytime she passed and it got even more offensive. You can just watch for yourself. It is barely two minutes short, but had to stop at the first minute mark because my cringe attacks were making me angry. It sits above 40 million views.


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