More Viral Videos From 2014


We already covered some of the wacky viral videos from last year, but don’t think is over yet. 2014 was a great year, and with great years come great Youtube videos. We already talked about some truly great music videos from the likes of Sia, we have covered some pranks that went viral, we have also covered a little social experiment that definitely proves that feminism is something we need in the world nowaydays. Without further adue let’s keep watching these videos that made 2014 one hell of a year:

  •  Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious “Alphabet Aerobics”: who knew Harry Potter could rap? Everybody’s favourite british actor, Daniel Radcliffe, was being interview by Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, and Daniel dropped some facts about himself. Turns out he is one hardcore rap fan, and can even rap apparentely. Jimmy Fallon then decided to call him out on his skills and Radcliffe delivered. The band started playing the music of BlackaliciousAlphabet Aerobics” and Daniel just started rapping really good. The whole crowd was going wild as Daniel delivered each lyric perfectly. You are a rapper, Harry. The video sits at more than 40 million views

  • Sing The Lion King On a Plane: some nostalgic vibes from this.Toni Stewart captured this amazing moment when the Australian cast members started singing out of nowhere the theme song from The Lion King. This video and song is gorgeous and just sends chills into anyone’s spine. Putting aside the ignorant folks in the back that could not appreciate beautiful music if it hit them in the face. If was a near perfect song and video. The only thing missing was somebody holding a baby in the middle of the plane, but I guess that is just greedy of me. The video sits at more than 20 million views.

  • Beyonce 7/11: Beyonce only needs a cam at hand to have fun. Beyonce and friends were apparentely bored one day and had the incredible idea to just make the official music video from her latest album on their own, genius.The video shows Beyonce and friends just having fun and enjoying themselves while the song is played in the background. Can’t help but laugh at the hate this video gets with comments such as “It is stupid”, or “talentless”. These people need to chill and just understand that this was just for fun, so no need to take it seriously. Then again, I rarely think that Queen B will bother over some dumb hate, girl got better things to do.

  • Undress me: well that was weird, but entertaining. Apparentely, some people wanted to celebrate the fact that scientist have made people undress each other for science, so they gathered a bunch of strangers from all races and sexualities to undress each other… for fun. It has a weird reason, but the outcome it is truly great and entertaining. Just watching how these people were acting all nervous and awkward makes everything worth it. They just needed to undress each other and then get into bed, nothing more, nothing less. Some, however, seem to kinda get it on. The video sits at more than 20 million views.

Don’t think the list is over yet!

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