Top 4 Viral Videos of This Week!

From the Hunger Games trailer of its third part, Mockingjay, to the misunderstanding of Kanye West in Australia, viral videos from this week have been controversial, at least some of them, others have been really funny, and others have left us hanging. For that reason and more, here is a list of the top 4 viral videos of the week:

  • Hunger Games Trailer of Mockingjay
  • Mortal Kombat Prank
  • Willie’s Opinion regarding Scottish Independence
  • Kanye West wheelchair misunderstanding in Sydney

Mockingjay Has Arrived

Hunger Games fans, Mockingjay first part arrives on November 21st with a lot of surprises. Academy award winner, Jennifer Lawrence, performs the brave Katniss Everdeen as always. This trailer left us in hanging, but it seems like a great opportunity to go to the movies and enjoy with your friends or family. We cannot anticipate the movie, but judging from the trailer, it looks awesome, as the previous movies of the Hunger Games.

Sub-Zero in the Elevator

What would you do if a guy dressed as a Mortal Kombat’s character Sub-zero is waiting for you in an elevator? Our answer would run, run really fast, but we guess that people who entered to this elevator are really brave and do not have any ideas regarding Mortal Kombat. Prankster Yousef Saleh Erakat, known as FouseyTube, dressed as Sub-Zero and started scaring victims in an elevator. Some of them try to defend themselves from Mortal Kombat’s character, but, some other did not have any idea of what was going on. We really laugh watching this video, every person had unique reaction. Of course, once people got scared, Erakat told them that it was a prank. That was really nice of him.

Willie the Groundskeeper Talks about Politics

Scottish independence was discussed and analyzed by several political analysts, but groundskeeper Willie the character from The Simpsons has his own views regarding this topic. What does he say? Well, he supports Scottish independence stating that no Scottish has to depend from the tyrant British people. In addition, he took advantage of the video to criticize United States, saying that although he has lived most of his life in the USA, he knows for sure how not to run a country. Maybe Willie the groundskeeper knows more than us concerning politics.

The Kanye Wheelchair Misunderstanding

Kanye West has been a controversial artist since forever. People say that he is really rude and treats his fans really bad, however, we do not know the guy; so, we cannot say anything for sure. Kim Kardashian’s husband had toperform in Sydney, Australia, and in order to do that he wanted everybody to stand up. As a matter of fact, he waspointed people out, those who were not doing what he said and, then, he pointed some disabled people out, they were in a wheelchair, asking why they were not up. People have seen this as a rude attitude towards the disabled people and have asked Kanye to apologize, but he has refused to do that alleging that the situation was a misunderstanding.

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