José Roberto Rincón: The 5 most Famous Viral Phenomena in Social Networks

If there is something clear in the world of the Internet is that if something is attractive, that “something” spreads like wildfire from computer to computer and from terminal to terminal, to become a viral phenomenon. Any striking practice and social network is susceptible of finishing flooded with photos or videos of people dancing, throwing buckets of water, dressing up, etc.

We are used to attend, every so often, to waves and waves of our social networks contacts in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posing for the last viral fashion phenomenon. Some of them like the Harlem Shake, different Flashmobs or ice bucket challenge are the best example of this.

Facebook is the largest social network in the world and as a result, the origin or source of many viral phenomena is in it, especially those requiring a nomination to a friend and go jumping from person to person until the network is literally flooded with challenges. These viral phenomena acquired great global impact but they are already in the past.

Now, others such as the trend to take a particular type of selfie or show a picture of ourselves as kids or even upload photographs in black and white with any topic are the 5 most viral views trends in networks.

Today, we want to look back and show you the most famous viral phenomena seen in social networks. And, how about you? Have you ever fallen in some of these challenges?

  1. Flashmob is one of the most viral phenomena viewed on Internet. It is a massive dance with a large number of people, usually in open areas and key locations. Every so often a multitude surprises the public with a new Flashmob anywhere in the world.

  1. The Harlem Shake burst into our lives in 2013. It was one of the most potent viral phenomena in living memory. In the video, it plays the song Harlem shake. At the start you can see a person dressed dancing while the people around are dancing madly. Then after a power cut of the song we see a crowd of people dressed and doing crazy dancing independently of the rest.

  1. The Ice Bucket Challenge was a viral phenomenon in 2014 in which both famous people and anonymous faces were recorded in social networks throwing a bucket of ice water over them. So they wanted to get the attention of the public in order to come together in the fight against the ALS disease, although not everyone who did the video, were actually donating money in this case.

  1. Belfie is a variety of selfie that began to sound as a particular term in 2014. This practice, which still continues to spread through social networks, is based on taking a photo on the butt. Many famous signed up to it. Also anonymous people did the same. Now it is a practice that has no end.
  1. Gangnam Style is a song interpreted by a South Korean artist named PSY and was launched in 2012. Shortly after being presented, the entire world signed up to dance. And the curious dance of this track, simulating riding, was copied by everyone.

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