More Reasons to Love Dogs: Epic Funny Man’s Best Friend Videos!

Animals are incredible, especially dogs. Dog owners must have thousands of videos of their pets doing the most awesome and funniest things. If you have a pet, especially a dog, you can relate with these viral videos with a lot of viewers. These videos are some of the most amazing videos of dogs:

1. Open the Invisible Door

How many times have you played catch the invisible ball with your dog? If you are answer is a lot, you will relate with this video. In this viral video, a dog refuses to enter to the living room of its owner because he has not opened the invisible door. In other words, the master has to open the invisible door in order to the dog enter to the house. You may ask why if the door is open, we guess that since it is a glass door, the dog had hit it so many time that maybe it is afraid of hitting it one more time. For that reason, the dog patiently waits for its master to open it; it does not matter if it is already opened. We are sorry for the cute little dog, but it is really funny when the master opens the invisible door.

2. Ripple Wants to Play

What happens if you bring a dog to a weather report? A disaster, a complete disaster. Mike Sobel, a weatherman from Global News, will never give a report with a dog again. We guess producers thought that putting a dog with a weatherman while presenting the weather report was going to be cute and also was going to raise awareness for the Edmonton Humane Society. However, both things did not happen because Ripple, the dog, wanted to play. We guess Ripple was very excited to be on air and, for that reason he started to jump and run. Then, Ripple broke his dog leasha nd started to bother Mike Sobel. At the end of the video, producers had to pause the weather report to calm the dog. However, the news team learned a valuable lesson: never bring a dog to a weather report if it wants to play.

3. Cute Babies Annoying Puppies

The cutest viral video is here and it involves dog and babies. This viral video shows us how dogs are annoyed by cute babies. The babies are just playing with the dogs and thinking that they are horses or just some toy. Some babies eat the dog ears while others are touching them. In addition, the video shows us the patience of these incredible dogs and their love for the babies. You can watch these video without any worries: no dog or baby was harmed here. However, we think that parents have to educate their kids to respect dogs and help them to play with this animal, but in a fun way. Remember that it is important to respect nature and animals, especially if you have a pet.

These are some of the most incredible viral videos about dogs; watch them to laugh out loud!

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