José Roberto Rincón: Learn How to Go Viral with an Image

Memes are big business, and “going viral” is now a marketing strategy, not just a term doctors say with worried faces. And images are more likely to get shared than text, which is one of the reasons why Imgur, the photo hosting site started to spread images through Reddit, has now eclipsed Reddit’s traffic. With the importance of online image virality in mind, Italian researchers used Google+ to try to unlock the key to viral success online.

José Roberto Rincón: Cats on the Internet
Cats on the Internet

They looked at images shared by Google+ users with high follower counts, and looked at a few factors as viral influencers, comparing static images with animated ones, examining which photo orientation is most popular, and examining the importance of faces in viral success. The researchers discovered that GIFs and animated images are more likely to be shared than static images. They explained this by noting that GIFs are usually funny, cute, or quirky. They also found that portrait pictures are shared more frequently than squared, Instagram-style ones, and landscape photos are the least likely to achieve viral success. Photos containing one face are shared slightly more than others, and colorful images are shared more than those with subdued or black-and-white color schemes.

The researchers noted that resharing an image and commenting or endorsing an image are two very different phenomenon. When someone clicks +1, they are giving an image their stamp of approval, but not necessarily using the image to represent themselves. When someone reshares an image, on the other hand, they are doing just that. People tended to reshare positive images more frequently than negative ones, presumably because they want to portray themselves as an upbeat.

Other networks

José Roberto Rincón: Virality of Cats
Virality of Cats

Researchers at University of Alabama examined why videos go viral, and discovered the most important factor was emotional connection – if someone finds a video especially delightful or disgusting, they are more likely to share it around. Although their study focused on videos, it is reasonable to assume the same would be true of images, and that emotional connection would play a role in image virality.

On Reddit, a user’s personal brand is important when it comes to virality (known users have more success than people using throwaway accounts) and the same images are shared by multiple users with varying degrees of success, depending on the caption, who is submitting it, and what type of day they post it.

Facebook employees looked into why certain photos go viral on the site, and found one distinct paths to viral status:

  • If a high-profile user is the source, the photo is more likely to go viral. But they also found a second, more organic path, where photo virality was not attributed to the source’s popularity.

No one has figured out a surefire method for going viral using images, but based on what we know, you will want a peppy, bright image with an emotional punch – preferably a GIF, depending on where you are sharing. And, since cats rule everything around me when it comes to Internet fame, putting a feline in the frame certainly will not hurt your cause.

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