José Roberto Rincón: Buttons You Have To Push To Make Viral Contents

No matter what kind of content you are trying to create, or the environment that you are in, the author of “Buzz Marketing, Mark Hughes defines some “buttons” you have to push as ones that are proven topics that people can talk about. Here, we present to you a list of 6 buttons to push when trying to make your contents viral. The six buttons are as follows:

  1. Taboo
  2. Unusual
  3. Outrageous
  4. Hilarious
  5. Remarkable
  6. Secrets

Let’s get deep into what exactly these content types are, and throw in a few examples for them.

Taboo Content

José Roberto Rincón: Taboo Content
Taboo Content

One thing that is important to mention right away when it comes to producing taboo content is to remember that the term “society” in its definition can replaced by a much better description of “community” when it comes to talking about content online. Therefore, try to create content that are not exactly seen as proper for the community. Sometimes, it is just combining the profane with something seemingly mundane.

Unusual Content

Unusual does not have to be completely new; it just has to be uncommon enough to leave an impression. That being said, there is nothing like some novelty.

Unusual content is the “Did you hear about…” kind of content, something about the presentation or the information that makes people do a double-take, and therefore gets them to talk.

Outrageous Content

Outrageous Content
Outrageous Content

This is the kind of content that is not necessarily shocking to one’s morals, but shocking to one’s previous experiences. It does not always have to invoke anger, but it often does. Outrageous content often works well both hilarious content and remarkable content; you will notice that an extra “spice” is always added to big projects that already contain an awesome endeavor.

Hilarious Content

Hilarious content is almost always better teamed up with another button pusher. For comedians, for example, the outrageous + hilarious has worked since the beginning of the profession, throw in some “taboo” and you will likely have a star if their jokes are actually funny.

You have to watch with humor, make sure it fits your actual personality and it is not coming off as forced, as that will push some buttons, but in the completely wrong way.

Remarkable Content

The easiest kind of content to define, and yet, oftentimes the most “difficult” to create. Remarkable is generally a combination of creativity, execution, and intrinsic value to the reader. Again, you have to realize that this do not have to be personal life experiences, you can cover remarkable happenings, and with incredible writing made for a web audience, come out in the end with a truly remarkable article.

Secret Content

José Roberto Rincón: Secret Content
Secret Content

This does not really have to be an absolutely ground-breaking secret or totally unheard of. Try to tend to focus on this type often on your blog, especially on posts that specifically relate to psychology, because the information often comes across as “secret” to the many readers who have not heard of it before.

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