José Roberto Rincón: 6 Viral Celebrities’ Phrases for the History of Virality

You can see everything turning into a viral post on networks such as Facebook and YouTube in less than a week.Virality is everywhere. It is not only in pictures or videos; virality is also in the words or phrases of our favorite celebrities and since they are always under the public view, all they do can spread quickly and pass to the history of virality. Keep reading and do not miss what celebrities said to be in the list of the history of viral phrases.

Miley Cyrus

José Roberto Rincón: Twerk Miley Cyrus
Twerk Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus did not turn the term “twerk” or “twerking” into viral, however, she gave it a lot of fame and put the term on the top and certainly made the act of twerking viral. Twerking is that difficult and attractive (for some) dance move whereby one bends oneself in half and jiggles one’s backside in a manner that used to be reserved for a stripper pole. Maybe many people would be perfectly comfortable with the idea of not having to see Miley, or anyone else, “twerking” for a while.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow really showed us a keeper when she told the world that she and Chris Martin were engaging in a “conscious uncoupling as opposed to getting a terrible divorce like everyone else. The more Paltrow tries to be relatable, the less relatable she is. She really needs a full-time monitor to audit her written and verbal statements until she can learn to say something without sounding pretentious and condescending.


José Roberto Rincón: Drake

We have to thank Drake for YOLO (that means “You Only Live Once“). This once viral and catchy mantra has been very misunderstood or distort , as this kind of phrases has always been, and is now used as the battle cry of every individual who is doing things they know they should not doing.

Paris Hilton

It seems like just yesterday Paris Hilton was dominating headlines, red carpets and reality TV with her banal expression, “That’s hot,” which she used to describe just about everything. Hilton did not just go viral with her little nod to all that was fashionable. She successfully trademarked it and sued Hallmark for using her image and “That’s hot” without her permission. She might be annoying, but she’s also a great businesswoman.

Lil Jon

José Roberto Rincón: Turn down for what
Turn down for what

Thank you too, Lil Jon, for coining the phrase “Turned down for what,” which is the same name of his insanely popular anthem and deeply perturbing video. “Turned down” means sobering up, so “Turned down for what” means something like “let’s get drunk and stay drunk”, or something like that.

Charlie Sheen

Remember when Charlie Sheen told us he had tiger blood and that he was “winning”? This was followed up by the overuse of #winning and #tigerblood on Twitter, and the indiscriminate declaration of “winning!” by people everywhere in the U.S.

Right in the moment when you are not expecting, celebrities pop off with a word or phrase that everyone latches onto. Sometimes they are so catchy and popular that they go viral instantly.

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