Have You Watched These Trendding Videos?

Do you have nothing to do? Have fun watching the viral videos of this week. From a fluffy and cute cat to the scary bee, this is the top 5 viral videos of this week. Trust us, you must watch them, you will laugh a lot!

Another viral video about cats is here! Apparently, cats are very popular creatures among humans because we miss the count on how many viral videos of cats are. In this opportunity, a cat named Bobo loves being vacuumed and it shows us. The owner vacuums the cat constantly, and if we could describe the cat’s reaction with one word, it would be pleasure. This in an adorable viral video that you must watch, especially if you like cats. This video was uploaded on September 26th and has reached more than 1,200,000 viewers.

We never thought that a GE commercial would be as funny as its new one. In this commercial, actor Jeff Goldblum shows us his rough sexiness while talking about improving your lightning. The commercial is set in 70s not only the shooting location, but the hair and the clothes of Goldblum are from the seventies. You will laugh with this commercial, a man trying to be sexy when he is not, that is laughable. Independence Day and Jurassic Park actor shows us his funny side. The General Electric commercial was uploaded on September 29th and it has reached over 1,300,000 viewers.

In Ukraine, a hurricane almost killed a man. The hurricane carried that man approximately 30 feet in the air, landing in the concrete stairs. However, the man survived the hurricane attack and now he lives to tell the scary story. This video has gone viral because the success of that Ukrainian man avoiding death. Warning: do not try this in hurricane season.

In Tampa, Florida, United States, a reporter found a missing boy while he was reporting the disappearance of the boy, incredible, right? The best of it is that the reporter found the boy on Live TV, so everything is documented. The boy was disappeared for fourteen hours, but now he has been reunited with his family thank to the brave reporter. According to the reporter, he went to the neighborhood asking people if the have seen the child and interviewing the family members when he found the kid. Probably, this man has become a hero after finding the missing boy. What a great story.

Meteorologist Jennifer Ketchmark is afraid of bees as many women, and what happens when a woman meets a bee? The only possible answer is to run fast and that was what Ketchmark did during a weather forecast. Yes, it does not matter if you are on air, bees are scarier. After the bee attack, Jennifer stated that she was going to end up on a blooper reel and she was not wrong. This video became viral and Ketchmark will be known as the woman who survived the bee attack. Hopefully, that incident will not happen again.

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