Greatest 5 Viral Videos of 2014

Although 2014 has not ended yet, there are many viral videos that would be included in the list of the greatest viral videos of the year. From drinking and driving awareness to the craziest bar mitzvah, viral videos of 2014 have been great, mostly of them have been really funny, but some of them were created with the purpose of thinking about our life and the choices we make. In this top 5, we will see great covers and a stubborn female dog. These are the top 5 viral videos of 2014:

  • Coming Home to Your Dog Is Reason Enough to Never Drink and Drive
  • German Shepherd Throws a Fit when She Has to Quit Swimming
  • Panic! At the Disco ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (LIVE)
  • Funny Girl Screams at her Mother because She Was Laughing of her Frozen Performance
  •  Drake’s Bar Mitzvah Monologue

Someone Will Always Wait for You

Is your dog your best friend? If you answer is yes, you have to watch the viral video Coming Home to your Dog is Reason Enough to Never Drink and Drive. The video is from Budwiser and shows us the importance of never drinking and driving at the same time. It focuses on the relationship of guy and his dog, they have a pretty strong relationship, but the guy decided to go out with friends and left the dog alone. The dog waited for his master for hours, but he never came. However, the master arrived in the morning. The meaning of this video is that we have to avoid drinking and driving because there is always someone who is waiting for us at home.

Bella, It’s Time to Go

A stubborn German shepherd does not want to stop swimming in the lake. Facebook users have liked this video more than a million times and we like it too because it is too cute. Bella, the stubborn German shepherd, refuses to get out of the lake despite their masters are saying that repeatedly. We think that this dog has to get out more of the house. Hopefully, owners will listen to our advice.

Bohemian Rhapsody Respectful Rendition

Panic! At the Disco is here to rock your world with their Bohemian Rhapsody performance. Although they are notFreddie Mercury, the band performance was really great, that is the reason why they are in the top 5 of the greatest viral videos of this year. This was a really respectful cover or rendition of the song and the audience was amazed by this rock band.

Daughter Grounding her Mother

Many kids do Frozen song performances and this two-year old was trying to do that too, but why do we say trying? Because her mom did not stop laughing while she was singing. For that reason, the reaction of the daughter was threatening his mother to send her to her room to sleep by herself. This girl is really cute, however, you need captions to understand the video because you can get confused with all that screaming.

Drake’s Funny Bar Mitzvah

The singer Drake shows us how his bar mitzvah was in Saturday Night Live. Drake’s mom is Jewish and his father is African-American, so his bar mitzvah was a mixture of both cultures. This video presents both stereotypes and cultural jokes.

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