Falling Was Never so Funny

Do not lie, we all have laughed at falls, they are funny even when they hurt. As a matter of fact, have you noticed that most bloopers are about falls? Yes, because fall are funny. However, depending on the fall, we should feel guilty about laughing or not. Feel free to laugh reading this article about viral videos of people who have fallen and someone very smart was there to capture the moment.

Forget about Food, I Need to Sleep

Although parenting is not an easy task, parents have the advantage that they can capture precious and funny moments of their children and this video is about one of those. The proud dad, Jason Griffith, have shared with us a cute video of one of his kids sleeping. You may wonder why that is so funny, it was not funny because baby boy Drew fell asleep; it was because he literally fell asleep in a plate of pasta. It seems that for Drew sleeping is more important than dining because he did not even waited to be on bed, he just fell asleep while he was eating. We guess that Drew was really tired; maybe he played in school too much.

Nevertheless, if you have kids you can relate with this viral video, sometimes children do what they want without paying attention to the rules. The result of not paying attention: the funniest viral video. We are sorry that Drew could not finish his pasta.

Dads Will Always Be Boys

We agree that winter season is fall season too. There are more falls during winter than in any other season. For that reason, a smart dad, who was waiting to pick up her daughter at school, recorded funny moments of kids falling on an icy walkway. Dad, named Alan, laughs out loud while he captured the moment of kids falling. The best part of the video is when he makes comments about who is going to fall. Although Alan had some disappointments, some kids did not fall; most of his predictions were accurate.

When Alan’s daughter gets in the car, the laughter continues. Do you think this video is cruel? Well, there are different opinions on that matter. As a matter of fact, the daughter ends the video stating that both her dad and she are kind of bad people.

We sometimes feel that we should be ashamed of laughing at people falling, but some falls are really laughable.

Ice Cream Truck Is Here

When we were kids, we waited for the ice cream truck. Nothing has changed; in this viral video we watch some fids eating a sandwich when suddenly they heard the ice cream truck. Their immediate reaction was to throw away their sandwich and run for ice cream. Nevertheless, they could not get to the door because both of the kids fell.

At the end of the video, one of the children stars crying inconsolably because of the fall. We were sorry for this kid, but this was a funny video.

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