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Youtube - Jose Roberto Rincon

Ten years ago the world saw the birth of one of the best cures of boredom in the world. Hail your saviour, Youtube. In this magnificent site you will find just about anything to watch, you can literally punch your keyboard in the video browser and you will most likely find a video related to what you wrote. Among these videos some stand above the rest, we call these videos “viral video” because they have become so popular that they have spread throught the internet like a disease, but a cool disease that makes you laugh or simply entertains you. Without further adue, let’s start spreading the jou with a little list containing some of the best viral videos to date. Let’s check them out:

  • Laughing baby: after 10 years of Youtube history, we have all learned the true nature of the site. No one can resist the sheer cuteness of baby and animal videos, and this one is a statement to that fact. This video of a baby laughing was uploaded on 2006, and shows no signs of ever stopping its “viral” status. There is just something about these videos, they make us feel warm inside and asures us that everything will be allright. The video has more than 10 million views. Most popular baby out there.

  •  Evian Roller Babies: Youtube exist for the sole reason to give videos like these an opportunity to shine.What is even cuter than babies? Well yeah, puppy animals, but what is the next big thing after that? You are damn right, babies on roller blades. Prepare to be amazed as your eyes feast on the utter brilliance of babies unleashing some sick moves while on roller blades. These babies can sure bust out some ridiculously great moves. The video has more than 100 million view and shows no sign of slowing down. These babies can really work it!

  • David After Dentist: I normally don’t condone the drugging of kids, but I will let this one slide down, not because it is really really funny, oh no, this is for science!… For science! Ok let’s cut the crap,the high baby is hilarious. It seems David just got back from the dentist and is still under the influence of the anesthesia. His loving father decides that it is a cool idea to mess with his drugged son, parenting goals right there. David seems out of his young mind and we love the video for it. The video sits at more than 100 million views.

  • The Annoying Orange: how come something so annoying can be so entertaining? Don’t think about it too much, not gonna find any real answers. Anyways, this lovely fruit somehow managed to become an Internet phenomenom against all odds. This comedy clip was uploaded late 2009, and there is no easy way to explain what it is all about, you need to watch it for yourself and see what the fuzz is all about. The video sits at more than 150 millions views.

Trust me, more viral videos are out there.

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