5 Amazing Tips to Write Viral Articles

Probably many of the regular users of social networks and online content will be fed up with those posts which titles seem modeled, repetitive and boring, such as: “This boy asked for help on the street. What happened next will leave you speechless”; does it sound familiar to you? What many people may not know is that there are studies and statistics that show that those headlines or titles that can be exhausting are predestined to success and fame.

José Roberto Rincón: Make your Blog Famous
Make your Blog Famous

Information given by the experts

Jeff Foster says in an article in The Next Web in which he presents several of these investigations that he notes that these phrases make the content end up becoming viral. Today, we have chosen five aspects of these studies that we consider very important to explain a viral phenomenon:

  1. Stories that generate positive emotions. It seems that laughter works better than sorrow and sadnesswhen taking an online user to share a story. This is the link in the viral transmission. According to an analysis, 10,000 viral articles created by BuzzSumo, 25% had the ability to arouse the astonishment of readers; 17%, laughter; 15% fun, and 14% joy.
  2. Headlines that refer to the reader. According to Buffer, the use of the personal pronoun you gives to an article a higher probability of being massively shared. Likewise, the use of expressions that refer to concrete realities, as “this” or “that” also helps.
José Roberto Rincón: Sharing Attractive Content
Sharing Attractive Content

3. Numbered lists. Those who are used to read on the Internet will know very well that, for some time now, lists with concrete numbers of items, ex. the 25 most beautiful cities in the world, 5 things you must do to get hired in a job interview, etc. are trendy. There is an interview to users who were asked what titles called them more attention. The interview shows that 36% chose titles that included numbers. And 17% chose articles that began with How“.

4. Long contents. The important team of platforms like Google, Facebook and Medium are working for their algorithms to be able to detect quality content; in most cases the quality is usually associated with extension. It seems, according to Foster’s information, that the behavior of readers is more likely to share long to short texts reinforces this theory.

5. Leave room for curiosity. As it always has been explained in journalism schools, the thirst for knowledge seems one of the best engines for a complete story being read from cover to cover. Conveniently stimulate the curiosity of the reader with a headline that leave an unanswered question or suggest something else can function as viral formula.

José Roberto Rincón: Viral content
Viral content

The truth is that, although a good link strategy is vital and super important to the health and success of our blog, it is no less true, of course, that the fact of having a good and attractive content, which is fresh, current and original with an added value included is crucial for our future.

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